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Mercury Recyclers International, Inc. was developed to collect, transfer and ship waste dental amalgams and other dental-related waste for recycling. MRI, Inc. is an approved storage and transfer facility designed to collect and ship these waste streams for recycling to approved recyclers, offering discount pricing to clients due to MRI’s large volume processing. With over 30 years EPA and OSHA experience, Mercury Recyclers International, Inc. can provide our clients with the latest in EPA regulatory information insuring proper waste management including waste handling and recycling.

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MRI, Inc. provides waste recycling services for dental amalgam from dealerships or service companies collecting amalgam from dental offices.

Each MRI, Inc. client is given a service proposal specific to their waste volumes and type of waste products they collect. MRI, Inc. provides certificates of recycling once the waste material has been recycled. Our streamline approach of waste management and recycling enables us to offer our clients the lowest recycling cost in today's market. Our price is typically 50% lower than our competition. Waste recycling service's start at $20 per container. We have the technology, the resource and the experience to assure you that your waste will be managed to the highest levels of compliance related to OSHA and EPA regulations for recycling.

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